Pre-Conference Training Sessions

Get to know your data
Are you my data? Join this session to explore the tools within Workday and get to know the data model. We focus on the business object details report and ways to use it to get the information you need. Explore the Workday Touchpoints Kit (available to Workday Pros) and learn how it can clarify the data structures, how each object can affect others, and the benefit of a single system.
What Do You Want to Ask Your Workforce? Configuring Surveys and Campaigns in Workday
Making informed decisions when it comes to your workforce starts with awareness. To gain this awareness and insight while also increasing employee engagement, leverage Workday surveys. What is the difference among surveys, questionnaires, and campaigns in Workday? How do you manage survey distribution? How do you report on survey responses? For those new to surveys, join this session for demos and hands-on activities.

Note: To ensure your time is well spent, we highly recommend you review and understand Workday navigation prior to attending.
Global HCM: Can your configuration support the weight of the world?
Does your organisation use Workday in multiple countries? In this session, learn how key configurations, such as localisation, tenant settings and translations, impact your tenant and transactions. Using hands-on activities, configure your tenant to account for global requirements and complete transactions to see the features in action.
Business process configuration for financials
The Workday business process framework is a powerful toolset that enables you to automate business processes and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. In this session, we demonstrate and discuss some key aspects of workflow. Hands-on activities reinforce your understanding of how this framework is configured in Workday Financial Management.
Attracting top talent by creating the perfect candidate experience
Learn how to attract top talent by creating a perfect experience for your external candidates. We explore how to customise the external career site, including customising job postings with videos and job application templates. We also look at optimising candidate tasks in your business processes, and take a deep-dive into dynamic offer letters and employment agreements.
Calculated compensation plans: Harnessing the power of the calculation engine
Discover how Workday leverages the calculation engine to provide power and flexibility to calculated compensation plans. This session focuses on the possibilities and options available when using calculated compensation plans, and uses real-world examples to demonstrate. Through hands-on activities, we build calculated plans and use them to show the dynamic functionality of the calculation engine.