Exchange Expo

Partners in innovation.

The Innovation Exchange Expo is the heart of Workday Rising—buzzing with attendees, sponsoring partners, and product experts. Grab a bite to eat, meet new people, and discover cutting-edge technology from Workday and our partners.

Workday Hub



See our applications in action by scheduling a demo or just stopping by one of our 40 demo stations.



Find out how you can make the most of Workday (no matter how long you’ve been a customer) by meeting with our Services teams.



Chat with a different industry expert each hour and discover how we’re innovating to address your specific challenges.


Workday Labs

Learn about the newest features we released as part of Workday 31, as well as what we’re tinkering with next.

Sponsoring Partners

Visit our sponsoring partners to learn how they serve and support the Workday community. They’re hand-picked for their skills, experience, and ability to deliver solutions that can help your business excel.


The Learning Hall


Learning Stages

Stop by for a quick 20-minute presentation on getting more out of Workday as well as additional sessions on professional development, leadership, and building great workplace cultures.


Hands-On Workshop

Ready to roll up your sleeves and dig in? Swing by the Hands-On Workshop, outfitted with everything you need for an interactive training session on a sample tenant.

Current customers only.


Scavenger Hunt

Our ever-popular scavenger hunt is back! Take part in a fun, interactive mobile game and get more out of Workday Rising while you’re at it. And did we mention the cool prizes? Details will be available when the mobile app launches.

Current and prospective customers only.